Let’s leave the debate about whether to use a social worker resume summary or an objective behind and work with the latter for now. For an entry level position, or when you are changing career directions, it is best to use an objective. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, you do not have to […]

Do you feel that your resume is incomplete as you go through it one last time before you send it in? What could be the problem? Did you leave out the skills section? Bang! Leaving out this section in your resume means that you are leaving out the most important part of the resume. Defining […]

Resume summaries do not have to be long, but they must be big. By big, we mean that they need to hold substantial enough information that will force a hiring manager to read what you have to say in the rest of the resume. You must keep it in mind that a resume summary is […]

Overview and Guidelines There is only one way in which a social worker cover letter can be written to bring results, and that is by sounding earnest in it. You may have heard that writing praise-full cover letter will help you bag an interview, but the truth is that hollow praise isn’t going to do […]

  Resumes for social worker position are not just storytellers. There is a lot more to them than a candidate’s professional storyline. While that is what they are mostly used for, they actually tell a hiring manager all that he needs to know about the different things that your professional profile is based on. Providing […]

Experienced or not, your resume should be a class apart from the rest that a hiring manager will go through. Writing a regular resume is not enough, especially when you are just beginning your career. For you to be able to get in there and impress the hiring manager, you need a little more than […]

Are you aware of the one ingredient that makes a cover letter a good read, even if it is written for an entry level position? The magic ingredient is confidence. If your cover letter tone is confident, you can impress the hiring manager as much as any experienced individual can. Basically, you need to be […]