Cover Letter for Caregiver Resume

Updated on January 18, 2019

A caregiver cover letter is a marketing tool, and as such, it must be written by following the employer’s specific needs in mind.

Where your resume might be brief and standardized, a cover letter must be tailored as per the requirements of the specific employer.

Caregiver Cover Letter Writing Tips

• The first thing to remember is to mention what can you do for the employer.
• Don’t repeat the phrases or content of your resume. Instead, write it in a story-like manner.
• Equally important is to showcase your caregiving skills.
• Above all, keep it short and to-the-point.
• Not to mention, proofread it twice before sending.

The following sample cover letter for a Caregiver Resume will help you with writing an excellent cover letter.

Feel free to modify it as per the employer’s specific needs.


Cover Letter for Caregiver Resume


101 Ravine Avenue
Irvine, CA 95214

January 18, 2019

Ms. Jane Arnold
Human Resources Manager
Silverado At Home
25 South Street
Irvine, CA 98855


Dear Ms. Arnold:

I am eager to work for your company as a Caregiver because I realize that your commitment to developing excellent community creates a challenging yet satisfying work environment. With my elderly care training, first aid certification and 3 years of caregiving experience with different private homes, I am eager to leverage my compassion and expertise to contribute to your bottom line.

Through my past experiences, I acquired the following skills and abilities:

• Assisting to elderly in activities of daily living.

• Motivating clients while helping them enjoy their independence.

• Performing all kinds of housekeeping tasks such as washing, cleaning and bed making.

• Creating a neat and clean environment for clients through sanitation, ventilation, proper lighting and furniture arrangement.

• Adept at implementing care plans as provided by the care manager and client’s family.

My caregiving skills coupled with my enthusiasm to help others uniquely qualifies me for this exciting opportunity. I look forward to interviewing with you to show the match between your requirements and my qualifications. I will call you next week to follow up.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Mary Brown

(000) 5247-9837



Note: This cover letter is written specifically for a caregiver agency, but you can customize this sample if you are self-employed.

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