Home Care Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: April 1, 2021

Putting your best talents forward is imperative when you write a Home Care Coordinator resume. Portray yourself as a viable candidate for a position. This is how it should be done:

Home Care Coordinator Resume Sample

Paula Yates
678 Thornwood Road
Stamford, CT 28932
(000) 454-8569
paulayates @ email . com


Energetic professional with 5+ years’ track record of delivering effective in-home health and personal care services. Proficient in assessing types of care needed by clients and ability to provide them with well-placed care on a constant basis. Excellent skills in:

  • Identifying and linking patients with community resources to facilitate referrals
  • Tracking and supporting patients who obtain services outside designated practices
  • Promoting relevant self-management support for patients, especially those with chronic illnesses
  • Assisting patients with eligibility determining processes and maintaining free medications through patient programs

• Healthcare support
• System navigation
• Care plan implementation
• Referrals management
• Community resources
• Patient advocacy
• Patient care continuity
• High-risk patient care
• Clinical care evaluation
• Resource utilization
• Clinical tools development
• Social work

• Implemented a series of in-home care plans to assist patients with chronic illnesses such as Lupus and MS find ground for themselves
• Rehabilitated 3 patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis by providing them with exceptional care at their premises
• Increased system efficiency by 60% by introducing feedback modules with social work services
• Improved ties with local patient care services by coordinating efforts with them on a professional basis


Home Care Coordinator
(Oct 2014 – Present)
• Assess patients’ care needs by delving into their medical histories
• Create and implement in-home care plans to ensure patient safety and medical wellbeing
• Arrange for needed services, supplies, and appliances to help patients with their daily care regimens
• Review home care policies and procedures with families, physicians, agency care providers, and insurance providers
• Contact physicians and insurance companies to obtain authorizations for services
• Determine need for appropriate precautions, including isolation, reverse isolation, and restraints
• Implement admitting orders and evaluate criteria for patient status
• Provide direction and support to administrative officers to ensure efficient patient access flow
• Work with discharge planning teams to refer patients needing additional resources
• Collect and maintain the patient history and statistical data of all referred patients
• Coordinate facility admissions and discharge duties
• Collaborate with facility care coordinators and social workers to find solutions for challenging patients requiring constant home care

Home Care Aide
VIRTUA, Stamford, CT
(Jan 2011 – Oct 2014)
• Assisted patients meet their daily personal needs requirements such as grooming, toileting and bathing
• Provided medication reminders and administered medication to patients who were unable to do so themselves
• Arranged for special services such as physiotherapy or psychological help to be provided to patients
• Assisted patients with mobility by transporting them to doctors’ appointments and outdoor activities

Associate of Science in Healthcare Administration
STAMFORD COLLEGE, Stamford, CT – 2010