Home Care Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: September 11, 2015


Whether your send your Home Care Coordinator resume through regular post or an email, how it is structured holds much importance. Sparsely written resumes are not considered read worthy – a resume needs to hold information that will pique the reader’s interest immediately and keep it there.

Putting your best face forward is imperative when you write a resume. If you want to be perceived favorably, you need to portray yourself as a viable candidate for a position. Nowadays, sending a resume is just a click away as you can pretty much do it from your mobile. But employers want to know if you have spent some time and effort in creating a resume. This is why your chances of success depend highly on how you portray information in a resume.

This is how it should be done:


Home Care Coordinator Resume Sample


Paula Yates

678 Thornwood Road ● Stamford, CT 28932
(000) 454-8569 ● paulayates @ email . com


SUMMARY: Energetic professional with 5+ years’ track record of delivering effective in-home health and personal care services. Proficient in assessing types of care needed by clients and ability to provide them with well-placed care on a constant basis.

• Excellent skills in identifying and linking patients with community resources to facilitate referrals
• Competent at tracking and supporting patients who obtain services outside designated practices
• Focused on promoting relevant self-management support for patients, especially those with chronic illnesses
• Documented success in assisting patients with eligibility determining processes and maintaining free medications through patient programs


• Healthcare support • System navigation • Care plan implementation
• Referrals management • Community resources • Patient advocacy
• Patient care continuity • High risk patient care • Clinical care evaluation
• Resource utilization • Clinical tools development • Social work

• Implemented a series of in-home care plans to assist patients with chronic illnesses such as Lupus and MS find ground for themselves
• Rehabilitated 3 patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis by providing them with exceptional care at their premises
• Increased system efficiency by 60% by introducing feedback modules with social work services
• Improved ties with local patient care services by coordinating efforts with them on professional basis


PARK RIDGE LIVING CENTER, Stamford, CT (Oct 2012 – Present)
Home Care Coordinator
• Assess patients’ care needs by delving into their medical histories
• Create and implement in-home care plans to ensure patient safety and medical wellbeing
• Arrange for needed services, supplies and appliances to help patients with their daily care regimens
• Review home care policies and procedures with families, physicians, agency care providers and insurance providers
• Contact physicians and insurance companies to obtain authorizations for services
• Determine need for appropriate precautions, including isolation, reverse isolation and restraints
• Implement admitting orders and evaluate criteria for patient status
• Provide direction and support to administrative officers to ensure efficient patient access flow
• Work with discharge planning teams to refer patients needing additional resources
• Collect and maintain patient history and statistical data of all referred patients
• Coordinate facility admissions and discharge duties
• Collaborate with facility care coordinators and social workers to find solutions for challenging patients requiring constant home care

VIRTUA, Stamford, CT (Jan 2011 – Oct 2012)
Home Care Aide
• Assisted patients meet their daily personal needs requirements such as grooming, toileting and bathing
• Provided medication reminders and administered medication to patients who were unable to do so themselves
• Arranged for special services such as physiotherapy or psychological help to be provided to patients
• Assisted patients with mobility by transporting them to doctors’ appointments and outdoor activities

STAMFORD COLLEGE, Stamford, CT – 2010
Associate of Science in Healthcare Administration