Bookstore Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample

Updated: August 24, 2017

For most hiring managers, one cover letter seems quite similar to the next. This is because that is the way it is!

What is the one thing that may change this?

Simple. Making a hiring manager feel that you are the right choice to hire is in your hands.

Writing a Bookstore Sales Associate cover letter is no big deal if you know what you need to do to impress the reader. However, it can become the most difficult thing to do if you are unsure of your own capabilities and accomplishments.

The first thing to do is to provide clarity to yourself. Write down all the information that you have which makes you an excellent person to work for the company where you intend to apply for a job. Once this information is in order, write a cover letter based on what your capabilities are, and what your contributions will be.


Bookstore Sales Associate Cover Letter Example



78 Riverdale Ave
Anchorage, AK 85474

August 24, 2017

Mr. Ben Chalk
Human Resource Manager
The Reading Room
200 Box Avenue
Anchorage, AK 69300


Dear Mr. Chalk:

I am responding to your job posting for a Bookstore Sales Associate. In me, you will not find just an individual who has exposure to bookstore sales work. As a passionate reader, and advocate of books and reading, you will soon discover that I can not only boost sales, but also have the capability of keeping customers interested in providing return business to The Reading Room.

My claims to fame are not hollow – I have a number of achievements to my name, including the famous book club that I led (Books for Life), which was the talk of Anchorage last year. As far as my sales capabilities are concerned, I have been commended on my ability to engage customers thoroughly, provide them with accurate resource information, and ensure that they do not leave the bookstore without making a purchase.

My expertise in handling cataloging work, and managing a close connection between suppliers and the bookstore is something that I am positive you will benefit from immensely. Furthermore, you will find my enthusiasm infectious, which is the core reason many customers return to the bookstore where I am presently working.

Hoping to acquire a bookstore sales associate position at The Reading Room, I invite you to review my resume. If you need any additional information that is not present in the enclosed resume, please feel free to contact me. I will be in touch next week to arrange an interview time.




Fredrick Jones

(000) 342-3425