Mailing a cover letter along with a resume promises employer’s keen attention towards your resume; thus, dramatically increases your chances of being the chosen one for the teaching assistant vacancy.

At times, many recruiters sometimes not even bother reading your resume, so your cover letter should also say it all in a brief manner.

Following is a good example of cover letter for teaching assistant resume.


Teaching Assistant Cover Letter Example



25 Broadwell Highway, Kansas, MO 74583
000-769-7444, pineda @ email . comJuly 5, 2015

November 30, 2015

Ms. Morgan Steve
HR Executive
Kansas City Public Schools
1211 McGee Street
Kansas City, MO 64106


Dear Ms. Steve:

I am writing to express my interest in position of a Teaching Assistant at Kansas City Public School’s main branch. A bulletin board on Broadwell highway was my source of learning about this vacancy. Kansas City Public School is a very reputable school of the town and I could not ignore such an opportunity to be a part of its academic staff. The teaching standards of your School district are manifestly reflected in the rate of academic progress of children it has enrolled.

Being a teacher assistant by profession, I have a lot of skills and abilities to contribute to your success. I am professionally trained in assisting the teachers in providing instruction to the children in groups and also able to give special individual attention to weak students. Throughout my professional career, I have been known for defectively planning and preparing materials for daily instructions while maintaining a tidy and safe learning environment in classroom. My proficiency in appropriately interacting with children, families and professionals has always given me an edge over other coworkers and has dramatically improved children’s learning and development.

Further details of my qualifications and skills are listed in the enclosed resume. I look forward to meeting with you soon in an interview. Thank you for taking interest in this job application.



Allan Pineda

Enc. Resume and Recommendation Letter