Electronic Assembler Resume Objectives

Updated on: July 27, 2019

The purpose of writing an objective on a resume for an electronic assembler position is to provide a prospective employer with information on how you intend to benefit his company.

The focus should be on writing an objective that is solid and targeted so that the employer can determine what your goals are.


If you have more than one career target, you can create different resumes for each.

An electronic assembler’s objective should highlight his ability to use hand and power tools, knowledge of assemblies and subassemblies and proficiency in assembly process specifications.

When employers pick up resumes, they have no choice but to read the objective first. Therefore, it is up to the applicant to make sure that the objective is a strong one.

A resume objective does not necessarily need to focus on job knowledge and associated skills.


If the job that you are applying for requires teambuilding skills, for instance, make sure you mention them.

A resume objective is all about your skills and how you can use them to benefit the company that you are applying to.

Remember to keep your objective short – a maximum of three lines should suffice.

For an electronic assembler position, you can choose and edit one of the following sample objectives. Have a look!


Sample Objectives for Electronic Assembler Resume

• Looking for a position as an Electronic Assembler with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, using exceptional comprehension skills aimed at understanding fabrication and soldering processes and applying them to meet assembly and sub-assembly management standards.

• Seeking an Electronic Assembler position at Area Temps, employing exceptional knowledge of electrical assembly, soldering operations and sealing and stripping machinery.

• Desire a position as an Electronic Assembler at Globtek Inc. Offering familiarity with cleanroom and ESD procedures along with solid knowledge of working with engineering representatives to meet project goals.

• To work as an Electronic Assembler for SAIC Solutions and Services by employing deep knowledge of making initial layouts and using a variety of tools such as jigs and saws to meet electronic assembly needs.

• To obtain employment with GeoLogics Corporation where I can use my experience in performing complex electromechanical assembly tasks with complete focus on meeting deadlines effectively.

• Looking for an Electronic Assembler position at Cobham by employing proficiency in the process specifications, manufacturing practices, and standardized assembly operation.

• Desire an Electronic Assembler position with Simple Electronics by using excellent ability to manage multiple assembly projects simultaneously, offering solid knowledge of using soldering equipment and small hand tools to manage the assembly of components effectively.

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