Auto Collision Estimator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 30, 2021

Auto collision estimators need to be analytic and insightful. Only then can they do justice to this position.

In order to convince the hiring manager to hire you for this position, you must write a cover letter that stands at the top of the candidate pool.

It is important to highlight what you have to offer as an auto collision estimator.

The ability to assess and evaluate vehicles to determine the extent of damages is important in this work. Creating estimates for repair and replacement work should also be an area of interest.

When you write an auto collision estimator cover letter, your emphasis should be on how much you know about calculating costs. Also, you must focus on your ability to record and maintain repair information into the system.

Use easy language when writing your cover letter – do not aim for difficult words.

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Auto Collision Estimator Cover Letter Sample

Carol Markle
(000) 123-4858
[email protected]

January 30, 2021

Mr. Simon Peach
Human Resources Manager
Acme Autobody and Glass
911 Virgin Lane
West Chester, PA 72048

Dear Mr. Peach:

Presently employed as an Auto Collision Estimator at Brilliant Body Repairs, I am competent in handling a wide array of tasks related to repair estimation. Now, my focus is on working at Acme Autobody and Glass, where I am confident that my skills and experience will be a hit.

Precisely, I am able to:

• Evaluate vehicles to check for necessity and cost of repairs
• Utilize customer response and visual inspection to determine auto repair requirements
• Effect minor repairs including hinge lubrication and battery replacement
• Examine warranty coverage
• Create repair orders and provide supplements for additional damages

Specifically, I possess the ability to conduct vehicle damage inspections, explain exclusions and provisions to clients, and liaise with insurance companies to ensure payments are timely made.

My skills are most profound in maintaining professional contact with customers and adjusters on vehicle statuses. Writing estimate reports and submitting reports to insurance companies is another area that I am proficient. In addition, my skills lie in ordering parts and assigning techs throughout the repair process.

Since my communication abilities are excellent, I can keep in constant touch with clients in order to keep them in the loop regarding their vehicle status.

All things considered, I would like to meet with you in person so that I can offer more information regarding my suitability. I am available to talk at (000) 123-4858. Thank you for your consideration of my credentials for the Auto Collision Estimator position at Acme Autobody and Glass.


Carol Markle

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