5 Most Useful Degrees for 2022-2023

Updated May 6, 2022

Things change every year, and so make the demands of life.

This is especially true in the big challenging world of employment.

Employers want more and more from candidates each year, and the pressure keeps building up on both sides.

Let us have a look at the degrees that will be in high demand and rule the world in the years 2022 and 2023.

1. Health Care

A degree in healthcare is something that will never lose its appeal to employers over the world. The need for personal care keeps building up as diseases and discomforts keep increasing.

While doctors and physicians are much sought after, it is certified nurses, nursing assistants, and home care providers who receive most employment offer nowadays.

2. Computer Science

The need for a degree in Computer Sciences will never be sated. This is due to the ever-growing world of technology and all the challenges that it brings with it.

According to one NACE report, 56% of students who have done a major in this category in previous years have already received job offers!

This is huge and tells you just how popular this degree will be in the next years.

3. Business Administration

Another prevalent degree in the last decade was a degree in Business Administration which will continue its popularity in 2022 and onward.

This covers a wide variety of jobs including marketing and management consultants, general managers, financial analysts, HR professionals, and many more!

A master’s degree in Business Administration is, by far, the most sought-after master’s degree in the world.

4. Engineering

The demand for engineers majoring in all categories will never go down.

This is especially true for 2022, and 2023 as the need for civil, electrical, biomedical, mechanical, and networking engineers are rampant owing to so much technological and industrial boom.

5. Accounting

A degree in accounting can take you places as you can find jobs in the public, management, and government accounting areas, including internal auditing jobs.

The need for accounting majors can never go down as all small and major businesses need accounting systems to function at all.

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