How does one make sure that one’s resume for community property manager position is flawless? Let’s be realistic – a resume can never be flawless. There will always be at least one thing that will prove that it has been written by a human. The trick is to make sure that whatever information that […]

Position Overview A building porter is hired to handle the janitorial / custodial duties within a commercial or residential building. The main work of a building porter is to make sure that the building is cleaned and maintained properly, and that it remains presentable at all times. Usually, a building porter works in a team […]

  The success of a fiscal assistant resume depends primarily on how well it is structured. If everything is in its place, and the provided information is valid, your resume success is guaranteed. It does not matter which position you are applying for – if your resume is not up to the mark, your candidature […]

Cover letter writing experts says that a cover letter which is perfect is what bring results. The hiring manager who is going to read your cover letter has only one way to get to know you – through the document that he is holding in his hands. If your introduction is a good one, there […]

Position Overview A fiscal assistant is primarily hired to provide support to an office by working in an auxiliary role. This means that a fiscal assistant needs to know everything about the office or department that he or she is working in, to ensure that all areas can are covered appropriately. In essence, a fiscal […]

There can be hundreds of reasons why you would want to resign from a position. Unfortunately, one cannot always be honest about one’s reason to leave a company. For instance, if you want to resign because you are always at daggers’ end with your boss, it may come across as if you are someone who […]

Position Overview Good organizational skills, the ability to meet deadlines and a positive attitude are all prerequisites of working as a senior administrative assistant. What does one do at this position? A senior administrative assistant is responsible for handling an office’s operational and administrative work. He or she will be required to plan meetings, take […]