Your cover letter for a Credit Coordinator Resume is a vital part of your screening process. By putting your best efforts to make it attractive, you can amplify your chances of being interviewed.

A good technique to make a effective cover letter for a Credit Coordinator job is to draw attention to your skills or experiences that are most appropriate to the credit industry and to modify the letter to the particular organization you are applying to.



Sample Cover Letter for Credit Coordinator Resume

6351 Main Street
Manchester, CT 88921

September 29, 2012

Mr. Roger Moore
Manager HR
Fit To Lend
88 Coslin Road
Manchester, CT 62729


Dear Mr. Moore:

My background in financial consulting and accounting closely parallels the profile of a Credit Coordinator at Fit To Lend. Your advertisement said that you were looking for a candidate with a credit management background and I fit the description perfectly. With five years of progressive credit management experience and relevant skills to handle delinquent accounts, I am confident that I can contribute highly to your organization effectively.

Working in a financial for a long time setting has trained me well in social perceptiveness which is the key to success in this work. I possess the ability to be aware of debtors’ reactions and understand why they react as they do. This alone is helpful when endeavouring to solicit payments from them. Additionally, my persuasion skills are an asset when attempting to change customer behavior and ensuring that they make timely payments. My negotiation skills ensure that the company and customers can come to some agreement where debt is concerned and I bank highly on my ability to work well with peers and customers.

I am positive that I have a lot to bring to Fit To Lend in terms of professionalism and results. I look forward to seeing you at the interviews on Friday and will be available at (992) 232-0022 prior to that. Thank you for considering my application for Credit Coordinator opportunity  at Fit To Lend.


Sincerely yours,

Raima David

Enc. Resume