Gas Station Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 14, 2018


You may have heard (maybe several times in your career lifetime) that cover letters are not necessary if resumes are written in a profound manner.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Both the resume and the cover letter have a different function.

The purpose of writing a gas station supervisor cover letter is to complement the resume which accompanies it. The trouble with cover letters is that they are often written as a reiteration of the resume. This makes both documents useless for the hiring manager. Refrain from making this mistake.

A cover letter has its own place and personality. And you as an applicant has to give it its due. Make sure that your cover letter is full of information which will be highly useful for the person reading it.

If your cover letter is not exactly what the hiring manager wants it to be, there is a pretty good chance that it will be rejected. Don’t take that risk. Do your homework, and then base your cover letter in the following format:


Sample Cover Letter for Gas Station Supervisor


March 14, 2018

Mr. Caleb Perez
Human Resource Manager
Gibbs Gas Station
100 Eddy Road
Sunland Park, NM17883


Dear Mr. Perez:

There are many aspects of my professional personality, all of which are in sync with each other. With my ability to handle the logistics of both gas stations and associated stores, I am sure that I will win the race to the end, and come out on top of all the other contenders for a supervvisor position at Gibbs Gas Station.

I have worked as an assistant manager in this capacity for 2 years now, having initially started out as a gas station attendant. Since I began my career from an attendant’s position, I know all the challenges and limitations that gas stations, in general, have to face each day. Aiming to minimize these challenges and limitations, I would like to offer my services and skills to you.

Ascertaining that the assigned gas station runs smoothly and efficiently and that all employees are working according to schedule is something that I have done each day for the last 24 months. At times, I have sacrificed my weekends to ensure that the gas station is properly manned, especially during holiday seasons. My contribution in this regard has been through many areas, including assistance to the gas station manager, food service management, fuel and product orders, and cash management, all of which make the core of this work.

Hoping to provide Gibbs Gas Station with as much sincerity in work, I will call you soon to set up an interview time. Until then, I am available at (222) 222-2222 for any further information that you may need to process my application.




Robert Fuller

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