Urban Planner Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 1, 2021

An urban planner is an individual who develops plans and programs to determine how the land can be used for communities and to accommodate population growth.

He or she will make sure that the physical features of the land are revitalized, and managed in a way that the general population can benefit from it.

Job Description for Urban Planner Resume

• Create and develop long-range aims and objectives to assist people in coming to terms with modifications and growth.
• Collect market information data, and examine it from different aspects such as economic and environmental.
• Conduct sire research and prepare various reports related to leasing and zoning.
• Perform field investigations and surveys and ensure that impact studies are properly compiled and analyzed.
• Prepare and requisition graphic and narrative reports on land use, such as maps, and population demographics.
• Discuss alternative site locations with planning officials, and keep informed regarding the economic and legal aspects of the land.
• Evaluate project opportunities and lead team efforts, aimed at responding to requests for proposals.
• Compile and analyze data related to social, housing, economic, and population and prepare correlating reports.
• Develop planning studies and reports, and ensure that they are verified and approved by planning authorities and officials.
• Review and prepare environmental assessments, plans, and documents in sync with established protocols.
• Coordinate with project teams throughout the planning phases of each project.

Urban Planner Educational and Experience Requirements

Eligibility criteria to work as an urban planner includes a bachelor’s degree in any related area such as environmental studies, sociology, political sciences, or economics.

Previous experience in a regional or urban planning capacity will go a long way in helping you obtain a position in this regard.

Urban Planner Skills and Abilities

It is imperative for people hoping to acquire a position as an urban planner to be able to possess exceptional presentation skills as they often need to present projects to communities, planning officials, and planning commissions.

Urban planners must be able to gather and analyze economic and environmental studies, censuses, and market research data to be truly successful in this work.

They need to possess exceptional skills in conducting field investigations, aimed at analyzing factors that may affect the use of land.