Grocery Store Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated February 14, 2020


Writing a letter to apply for a grocery store manager position may seem a bit unnerving, but there is no need to worry.

The only thing that you need to worry about is matching your skills and qualifications to the specific requirements of the employer. Once this is done successfully, it is pretty much smooth sailing.

A grocery store manager should focus on their ability to lead store teams to make a positive impact on customers. Your knowledge of running a tight ship in terms of store operations must be highlighted. You should also focus on your ability to retain customers through excellent customer service delivery.

It is important to remember that your grocery store manager cover letter will decide how well you will be perceived by the employer who reads it. Here is a sample that you can look through:


Grocery Store Manager Cover Letter Example


Olivia Seth
(000) 640-9898

February 14, 2020

Mr. Jake Hall
Human Resources Manager
Instant Groceries
84 Fredrick P. Jones Road
Saint Paul, MN 51647


Dear Mr. Hall:

Upon going through your website’s career section, I discovered that there was an open position for a Grocery Store Manager. I am interested in working at this position, as I feel that both my skills and qualifications are right on track with your requirements.

Presently, I am working as a grocery store manager at Great Grocery Store, where my role is quite similar to the one that has opened up at Instant Groceries. As a seasoned and experienced individual, with over 5 years of solid track record in overseeing store operations, I am positive of my ability to fit right into this position.

Precisely, my skills include the following:

  • Hiring, training, and mentoring grocery store staff members
  • Negotiating with suppliers for favorable prices, terms, and quality
  • Researching new, alternative, and cost-effective sources of supplies
  • Customer retention policies and procedures

One of my main successes includes the time when I managed to keep the grocery store afloat, even during highly unfavorable circumstances. I am still commended on my ability to breakeven and retain customer base effectively. I am sure that this skill will help your organization in many ways, especially during recession periods.

Confident that I will be a great addition to your team, I will call you soon in order to see when we can conveniently meet in person. You may reach me at (000) 640-9898 if needed.




Olivia Seth



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