Handling Difficult Situations Interview Questions and Answers

March 5, 2019

Interview questions are often aimed at finding out what the interviewees are capable of doing.

Many of them may be easy.

But there will be times when you will be asked complex questions that determine how well you handle difficult situations at the workplace.

The problem with answering these questions is that you do not have much time. In fact, you have to answer immediately.

The trick is to practice answering these questions beforehand.

When you are preparing for an interview, you must keep in mind that you will be asked some questions that check how well you manage a situation that is not in your favor.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers aimed at finding out how you handle difficult situations:



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Handling Difficult Situations Interview Questions and Answers

Tell us of a time when you did something and came out shining?
I was once asked to investigate a theft which 2 other officers had given up on. It seemed as if there were no clues. And that is what it seemed to be initiated as well. But since I am a stickler for perfection, I went through the whole crime scene with a toothcomb and managed to find the evidence that the authorities needed. It was quite a success for me.

How do you handle the stress associated with your work?
I am an extremely organized individual, who makes sure that stress does not hinder work. Since I do everything on time and perform each task according to protocol, stress is not something that I have to worry about much. Because I always meet my deadlines, and my work is always meticulous.

What has been your most negative management experience?
In my previous job, my team was supervised by a manager who loved micromanagement. And this made us feel that we weren’t trusted. Having responsibility without authority is a terrible situation for me.

How did you overcome the situation associated with negative management?
It was teamwork, really. We all decided that we needed to do what was right in order to meet deadlines. We spoke to our manager and explained how we will be leading the project, without mentioning how uncomfortable we were. He was pleased!

Can you recount a time when you handled a problematic situation extremely well?
I have come across many challenges in my line of work. Problematic situations are a given. The one time that I can recall is when I discovered that a coworker was involved in inside trading. According to my contract, I was supposed to report him. Since he was also a friend, I did not know what to do initially. But then I did what I had to do, and reported him.

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