6 Exit Interview Questions and Answers for Interns

Updated on: October 18, 2022

The concept of conducting exit interviews is not new. Exit interviews are being conducted for decades now.

An interview of this sort can be conducted for several reasons – an employer may want to find out why an employee is leaving, or he may be curious about what he or she has learnt during his or her time at the company.

If an exit interview is being conducted for an intern, the latter situation is probably what prevails.

If you are at this side of the exit interview table, you might be interested in the following questions and answers (specific to an intern’s position):

Exit Interview Questions and Answers for Interns

1. How was your experience working with us in these last 3 months?

I cannot begin to describe how much I learnt during these 3 months. I am more than ever sure now that I want to work in administration now that I have learnt the ropes somewhat. I can only describe the experience as insightful and extremely enjoyable.

2. How would you describe your relationship with your trainer?

My trainer and I got along impeccably. From the first day that I joined as an intern to my last working day, he has been a source of encouragement and information. I believe that I have been extremely lucky as far as my mentorship is concerned.

3. What will you be doing now that you have gained some experience working in an administrative position?

I am now looking to brush up on my business communication skills, an area that I have self-identified as weak during the tenure of my internship. A business communication course is something that I am looking into. Once I am confident that I have it in me to do justice to an administrative role, I will start applying for positions.

4. If given a chance at a regular job at our company, would you consider it? Why or why not?

It would be a dream come true to work for an organization that kick-started my career. I would definitely consider it because now that I am somewhat familiar with the way things work here, I believe that I will save your time and effort (and mine) in adjusting to the environment.

5. As an intern, do you think you were given sufficient opportunities to air your views?

Although I did not expect it, I was actually given a lot of opportunities to air my views, some of my suggestions being taken into consideration to make major administrative decisions.

6. Since you have been an active part of the company for 3 months if you were asked to change one thing, what would it be?

I would probably look into revamping the inventory system since I believe that a company this size can definitely use a more novel system.