Entry Level Financial Analyst Resume Summary Profile Examples

Updated: November 2, 2019

In most cases, resume summaries are not a “to do” thing when writing entry level resumes.

However, some situations may warrant summaries to be part of a resume – such as an insider telling you that such resumes are taken well by the employer.


Resume summaries are basically more advanced versions of objectives.

Where objectives need to be curtailed after a couple of sentences at the very maximum, summaries can lead up to three or even four lines.

They are essentially detailed and are targeted to give the reader a concise but concrete view of what the resume holds.

While typically an optional section on your resume, summaries serve as a topic sentence.


The goals that you identify in your summary actually define the focus for the rest of the resume.

So basically, the sections in the rest of your resumes such as education and experience become an opportunity to provide supporting evidence for your objective – of course, when the summary isn’t there, the rest of the sections automatically become self-sufficient.

For an entry level financial analyst resume, you can take ideas from the following examples:

Entry Level Financial Analyst Resume Profile/Summary Examples

• Highly-energetic individual with strong knowledge of financial planning, analysis and projection. An attentive team player with a knack for providing quality financial performance and managing forecasts. Well-versed in analyzing financial data and performance with a special focus on determining cost of operations.

• Self-motivated individual with a solid educational background in financial analysis. Adept at establishing and evaluating profit plans and exploring investment opportunities, along with a substantial focus on creating workable economic models.

• A self-starting financial professional, capable of effectively assisting with new business processes by providing financial analytic support. Diverse educational background in ensuring confirmation of appropriate accounting procedures. Focused on improving financial process efficiency and meeting performance objectives.

• Globally focused financial analyst with a keen awareness of evaluating organizations’ financial risk and preparing correlating forecasts. Analytic and research activities, with reliable academic results and track record for outstanding leadership and follow-through abilities.

• Energetic, analytic-thinker with the demonstrated talent of providing financial analysis and accounting support, along with in-depth knowledge of developing financial performance and metrics. A proven team player who has a demonstrated ability to analyze results, monitor variances, identify trends, and recommend necessary actions.

• Final year financial undergraduate with a deep interest in handling budgeting and forecasting processes. Able to develop and maintain ad-hoc economic models and evaluate profit and cost efficiencies.

• Dedicated and skilled financial analyst with extensive knowledge of analyzing financial information to produce accurate business process forecasts, along with familiarity with interpreting data affecting investment programs.

• Financial analyst with deep academic knowledge of monitoring fundamental economic, industrial, and corporate developments through a thorough analysis of financial data. Excellent business acumen, capable of driving performance improvements.