Early Childhood Educator Cover Letter Sample

Updated November 13, 2019

An early childhood educator cover letter’s journey, starting from a word processing application to the time a prospective employer reads it, is very important.

There is an immense emphasis placed on writing the best cover letter that you can write because of this very important journey.


Once you submit your cover letter, it goes through many channels before it lands on the table of the person who decides if you will be called in for an interview.

But for it to land on this very important person’s table in the first place, it has to qualify the standards of every eye that reads it.

Granted that many job applications go through automatic screening systems, many are also given the “human touch.” This is to ensure that the ATS does not leave anything in an application that might be useful otherwise.

So, when a human reads a cover letter, he will need to be satisfied more than a system will need to be. Hence the need for more focus on writing a good cover letter.


If you are applying for a teaching position, how you word your cover letter is of the utmost importance.

Because of the nature of a teacher’s job – the responsibility involved – it is important to convince the employer that you are indeed what they are looking for. Want to know how to do this? Try this cover letter sample.

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Early Childhood Educator Cover Letter Sample


Sarah Geller
833 North York Street
Chicago Heights, IL 26321
(000) 951-5124
sarah @ email . com

November 13, 2019

Brenda Cox
La Petite Academy
219 Glenwood Road
Chicago Heights, IL 29375


Dear Mrs. Cox:

Education is about passion, and it takes someone a little more than ordinary to become an early childhood educator. Possessing this passion for shaping lives, I believe that I am the right person to work as an Early Childhood Educator for La Petite Academy.

Being able to plan and implement early childhood development programs successfully is not the only skill I have. As an individual who believes that education in the early years has more meaning than at any other stage, I have been involved in early educational programs for close to 10 years now. Some of my accomplishments over the past few years include:

• Introduced and integrated a program which was specifically designed to assist children with dyslexia into the regular curriculum.
• Implemented 22 developmental programs based on four groups of students in an early childhood education program.

As I continue my journey through the wonders of education and the bright future that it offers, I strive to enrich the lives of young students. If you are interested in finding out how I manage to be successful at every stage, let’s meet in person! I will call your office after a few days to arrange a meeting and will be available at (000) 951-5124 if you would like to reach me.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Sincere regards,


Sarah Geller

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