Professional Development Coordinator Skills for Resume

Updated on: August 10, 2016

Our skills often remain underrated on resumes. Most of us believe that writing a separate skills section is wasting space on a resume. Not true. Even if you have mentioned that you are qualified in certain areas, there is always need for a dedicated skills section on your resume. One look at a well-written skills section and the employer’s interest will double in your candidature.

As time goes on, competition in the job world increases. There are many people who may have the same skills set as you – or even stronger ones. What will you do to beat the competition, especially if another candidate’s skills set is stronger than yours? The other candidate may be a strong contender for the job that you want to bag, but has he made that clear in his resume? Perhaps not! Leverage this to your benefit. Not everyone knows that a dedicated skills section makes their resume stronger. Before other people land on this page and find out, you do what you have to do – make a skills section and fill it up with important information regarding your ability to do things!

Remember that the more information that you provide to an employer, the better chances you have to be narrowed down for an interview call. That is, if the information that you have provided is worth it. Here is a set of skills that a professional development coordinator can write in his resume:

Skills for Professional Development Coordinator Resume

• Deeply familiar with planning, developing, implementing and evaluating professional development systems based on competencies and priorities
• Hands-on experience in determining existing opportunities and protocols and procedures, and conducting both informal and formal opportunity assessment for different professional development tracks
• Proficient in establishing development categories, such as performance and knowledge enhancements and personal development
• Qualified to develop orientation plans for all staff members by ensuring that they are aware of basic requirements such as ethics and communication
• Skilled in making recommendations to strengthen delivery methods by efficiently identifying training delivery protocols
• Track record of effectively facilitating preparation of correspondence, newsletters and marketing materials
• First-hand experience in keeping professional development programs and workshops dynamic and rigorous by constantly employing needs assessment methods
• Deeply familiar with maintaining accurate records of professional development activities, including description, type and number of people involved
• Proven ability to provide professional development instructional design to management
• Adept at mentoring and coaching new instructors and trainers, and building and maintaining community partnerships