Program Associate Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 2, 2017

Position Overview

A program associate is hired to provide administrative, strategic and logistic support to an organization’s programs and program modules.

Since working on any program means that one has to be on one’s toes (figuratively and literally) at all times, only people who can handle the high-volume work that a company requires are considered for this position.

A program associate may be hired at the entry level or not, depending on the specific requirements of the program or program module in question.

Position Requirements

It is important to possess a formal degree from an accredited university or college if you want to work as a program associate. You will need to understand business processes and analyze information thoroughly which is why you should be an analytic person, with solid critical thinking skills. In addition to this, you will need to possess exceptional knowledge of contributing to the formulation of project work plans, and be able to assist in the implementation and monitoring of development projects.

A positive and constructive attitude, and an inherent ability to get along well with people from different walks of life is also important to work as a program associate. Proven networking, team-building, organizational and communication skills are important prerequisites of working at this position.

If this is the career path that you have chosen, it might help to look at the following list of duties that you may be expected to perform while working as a program associate:


Job Description for Program Associate Resume


• Assist project managers in preparing assigned projects’ strategies and work plans according to specified rules and procedures

• Support project implementation and monitoring by handling liaison work with departmental heads and field officers

• Ascertain that each assigned project’s institutional capacity building is managed in an appropriate way

• Provide support with inter-departmental communication and knowledge management activities

• Collect, analyze and present information for identification of areas for support and program formulation

• Facilitate program stakeholders’ consultative processes and gather information for preparation of project scope

• Assist in analyzing information to prepare relevant planning instruments and products

• Coordinate the timely creation and submission of technical reports, and assist with data entry and preparation of charts and graphs

• Function as a key member to assist in the development and management of grants and scholarship content management systems

• Create, maintain and support relationships and communications with grantees, board members, donors and key stakeholders

• Assist in the development and execution of key events for outreach and marketing purposes