Position Overview

HR Analysts work with and between all departments in a company by providing assistance akin to benefits administration, recruitment, performance reviews and employee relations. People working in this capacity need to ensure that their cover letter portrays their skills and qualifications for this position.


Cover Letter for HR Analyst Resume


524 Woodbridge Lane N
Wantagh, NY 63534

November 30, 2015

Mr. Christopher Claus
HR Manager
Obscure Designs
893 Sunset Avenue
Wantagh, NY 53411


Dear Mr. Claus:

I am writing in response to yours New York Times advertisement for an HR Analyst position. As an enthusiastic individual with hands-on experience in IT Analysis, Iā€™d like to offer my services for the same.

By description, the skills required for the HR Analyst position at Obscure Designs reflect my own career development. For instance, I have a progressive success in maintaining HR data in various areas such as human resource information system (HRIS), performance management, timekeeping and compensation. Moreover, I have a track record of reviewing personnel transactions for precision and completeness and able to perform data entry into HRIS.

Owing to the fact that I possess excellent knowledge of benefits administration and personal selection, I am confident that I will do well in this role. Additionally I possess the knowledge that is necessary in order to manage salary surveying, performance appraisals and merit principles.

The enclosed resume will provide you with further details of my qualifications. I am very excited at the prospect of working for Obscure Designs and would like to meet you personally in order to discuss this opportunity with you. To ask for an interview date, I will call your office next week. If you need to contact me during the time in between, you may reach me at (014) 666-6666.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Clara Cox

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