Prior Authorization Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated June 25, 2022
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Take the Prior Authorization Specialist cover letter as a communication tool that helps you tell an employer that you are available to work, and have it in you to contribute effectively.

Cover letters cannot be omitted from a prior authorization specialist job application set.

Without them, the set is incomplete, giving off the impression that you have better things to do than write the all-important cover letter.

And believe us, you don’t want the employer to feel that something else is more important to you than writing a cover letter.

Receiving just the resume is sure to place a damper on an employer’s enthusiasm, who is looking for something more.

Read the cover letter sample below for reference:

Sample Cover Letter for Prior Authorization Specialist Resume

Harriet Wagner
545 West Street
Monsey, NY 52144
(000) 547-4866

June 25, 2022

Mr. Andy Takei
Hiring Manager
202 Rose Road
Monsey, NY 10952

Dear Mr. Takei:

As a detail-oriented Prior Authorization Specialist who has a strong background in performing detailed medical reviews of prior authorization requests according to established protocols, I am positive that my addition to your team will be beneficial to Medix.

I am highly experienced in handling one of the most complex aspects of the medical world as far as the administration is concerned – prior authorizations. My saying so is based not only on mere bragging but facts that make me an excellent candidate for the prior authorization specialist position at Medix.

Not everyone has the ability to apply medical knowledge and experience to expedite prior authorization requests. In addition to this, I have worked extensively with healthcare providers, owing to my ability to initiate and continue direct communication with a diverse population.

Serving as a resource to clients by assisting in developing and implementing prior-authorization workflows, I have been highly successful in obtaining authorizations for a large number of requests that I have submitted. Since I am a highly meticulous individual, I am usually the facility’s first choice for reviewing requests for accuracy of information and documentation submissions. In view of this, I am confident that I will be a great contender to consider for this position.

At the end of next week, I will be in the vicinity of Rose Road and will drop in to see if you are available for a meeting. Until then, you may contact me at (000) 547-4866 for additional information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Harriet Wagner