Role and Functions of Content Writers

Updated: September 10, 2018

Position Overview

Content writers are professional who write compelling content on different topics. While most content writers write for web-based applications like websites and blogs, they might take up some varying projects. While writing for content for the internet, they may manage discussion boards and blogs.

Content writers also write and edit editorials and press releases depending on the type of project that they have been assigned. You will find that the term content writer is most associated with website posting especially in this day and age of technological advances. These professionals research the topics that they have been provided with, and they are then expected to write everything from scratch. A content writer may also be given printed documents to edit and add to or write material for electronic magazines.

The content that content writers are responsible for maybe factual or fictional. They may be expected to write factual essays on real-life events or fictional stories which may or may not be based on true events. They are also expected to write samples that customers can use such as resumes, cover letter, and reference letters as well.

Required Qualities

Content writers need to have one essential quality, and that is to be able to write content in a clear manner. The need for proper grammar and editing accuracy is high as you don’t want inconsistent content floating around the web!

Major Roles and Functions of a content writer

1. Develop quality contact to ensure a company’s web presence
2. Write and edit creative content to ensure a smooth and involved reading
3. Improve or edit text to ensure appropriate product or service description
4. Research information to write content effectively
5. Manage graphs and other images to provide support to content

These are just some of the functions of a content writer. Since this is a vast field, there is so much that a content writer needs to do to hold an audience. One thing that a content writer always keeps in mind is avoiding plagiarism – as no company hires or retains writers who copy content!