Best Service Writer Cover Letter Example

Updated June 29, 2019

Experience and skills both count when you are applying for a service writer position.

However, the only thing that you need to focus on when writing a cover letter is the latter – skills.


It is through the cover letter that a hiring manager will be able to judge how much you know about the work, so it is important to make this document a treat to read.

As far as the actual writing of a service writer cover letter is concerned, your primary concern should be to make yourself sound great.

Your knowledge of dealing with customers, and ensuring that they are provided with the right services is extremely important.

Also, your ability to determine cost estimates, and ensure that timelines are determined must be highlighted.



When writing a cover letter for a service writer position, your focus should also be on the way information is provided. Use of the right words and phrases is important.

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Best Service Writer Cover Letter Example



June 29, 2019

Mr. Hugh Colbert
Human Resources Manager
Tractor and Equipment Co.
58 Farm Road
Plymouth, MA 73125


Dear Mr. Colbert:

I am an experienced service writer with a solid track record of working in the automotive service industry for seven years. At this point, I am interested in working in a similar role at Tractor and Equipment Co. I am positive that I am right for this role for many reasons, some of which you may be able to gauge from the enclosed resume.

As a seasoned service writer, I am competent in determining customers’ service requirements by engaging them in conversation primarily. Besides, I am qualified to test drive vehicles to find out specific problems and concerns. Assessing costs and timelines for vehicle repair and maintenance tasks is also an area that I am talented in.

Possessing excellent listening skills and exceptional knowledge of assessing customers’ concerns, I am sure that I will be a great addition to your team of service writers. Moreover, I possess an unmatched ability to perform equipment walkarounds, and can effectively complete, and maintain documentation required for service writing work.

I will remain in touch with your secretary in order to set up a mutually convenient interview date and time. In the meantime, you may contact me at (000) 837-1193 if needed.

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the service writer position at Tractor and Equipment Co.




Samantha Coore



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