Daycare Worker Resume Skills and Qualifications

Updated on June 8, 2019

A daycare worker is responsible for developing and applying care programs for young children.

They are required to ensure the growth and protection of the children under their supervision in line with policies.


They also make sure that equipment and facilities are clean, safe and organized.

The following are some unique skills and qualifications for a daycare worker resume.

You may select some of these statements for your resume which are most relevant to employer’s needs.


Daycare Worker Skills for Resume

• Adept at planning and implementing activities to meet the emotional, physical and social needs of the children.

• Special talent for preparing nutritious snacks and lunches for children.

• Proven ability to ensure children are safe and have good behavior.

• In-depth knowledge of arranging and taking part in indoor and outdoor plays.

• Able to change diapers for infants and toddlers following proper health guidelines.

• Comprehensive understanding of teaching children regarding good health and personal habits; eating, resting, and toileting.

• Highly skilled in reading to children and instruct simple painting, drawing, games, handwork, and songs.

• Proficient in keeping records of the child’s development and discuss the children’s’ requirements with guardians.

• Committed to managing children with special needs and medical conditions.

• Proven record of teaching children to share and to be giving, tolerant, and understanding of others.

• Thorough knowledge of preparing and serving meals and drinks to children.

• Special talent for guiding and correcting children when needed.


Soft Skills for Daycare Worker Resume

  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Flexible schedule
  • Team player
  • Excellent oral and written communication
  • Cultural differences awareness
  • Fully dependable
  • Good judgment
  • Great values and ethics
  • Punctual

Daycare Worker Position Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED
  • A certification in child care and early childhood development (Optional)
  • Some childcare experience (babysitter, volunteer, parents helper)
  • Pre-employment testing and background checks
  • Ability to handle the physical demands of the job
  • Able to lift and carry heavy weights


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