Top 22 Skills for Fireman Resume

Updated: January 19, 2022

A fireman without skills is no good to anyone. That is why it is imperative that you place your skills in your resume.

As a fireman, your skills are what will get you the job.

The experience will count as well, but most recruiters will automatically focus on your abilities and competencies in this regard.

Making sure that the skills section of your resume is properly filled out is important.

Including information such as knowledge of using and maintaining firefighting equipment is also important.

Equally important is the ability to handle fire eruptions in buildings, forests, and open lands.

A fireman’s resume should focus on how well-versed he or she is in these areas – and more.

The skills section of your resume will allow you to write much about your competencies. As a matter of fact, this section is all that you need in order to highlight your specialized skills in firefighting.

Have a look at the list of firefighting skills that you can put into a fireman resume:

22 Fireman Skills for Resume

  1. Responding to calls regarding fire incidents.
  2. Preparing firefighting equipment.
  3. Operating firefighting and rescue equipment, such as ladders and fire hoses.
  4. Handling fires of many different types and spreads.
  5. Providing emergency medical services in compliance with standards.
  6. Inspecting fire scenes in order to identify causes.
  7. Removing debris and burnt items from fire scenes.
  8. Handling emergency incidents apart from fires, such as road accidents, floods, and spillages.
  9. Minimizing distress and suffering, by providing First Aid and CPR.
  10. Safeguarding people’s and pets’ safety.
  11. Cleaning up and inspecting sites post dealing with fire incidents.
  12. Extinguishing fires by following set procedures.
  13. Performing public information and education tasks.
  14. Handling fire incidents with exceptional care and priority.
  15. Cleaning and inspecting firefighting equipment and apparatus.
  16. Performing preventative and regular maintenance on firefighting equipment.
  17. Making minor repairs to firefighting equipment.
  18. Conducting fire drills.
  19. Rescuing trapped people and pets from fire scenes.
  20. Advising businesses and individuals on fire safety.
  21. Determining fire risks in commercial and residential buildings.
  22. Demonstrating the use of firefighting equipment in order to train new firefighters.

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