Overnight Stocker Job Description for Resume

Updated: January 12, 2021
Overnight Stocker Job Description

Big retail outfits are a source of awe for customers who wonder how the store is ready for shopping early each morning. This is all due to the labor of overnight stockers who ensure that shelves are cleaned, maintained, and stocked for the next day.

Most responsibilities of an overnight stocker overlap with those of stockers working during the daytime.

Many overnight stockers also work in stores that are open during the nighttime.

In a situation such as this, they are not only required to stock shelves but also assist customers who may come around for shopping during the nocturnal hours.

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Job Duties for Overnight Stocker Resume

• Deal with incoming stock deliveries during the night by assisting in unloading trucks

• Sort out received items and make piles according to types of materials

• Transport freight to the sales floors after sorting and ensuring that sufficient quantity has been delivered

• Ensure that any excess materials are placed in storage rooms

• Handle stock inventory and make sure that it is accurate by rechecking it

• Ensure that items are adequately marked before they are sent to the sales floors

• Place price tags on items and ensure that barcodes are correctly placed

• Stock shelves with items by making sure that items are brought forward

• Clean and dust merchandise and shelves

• Follow company rules and protocols governing top product placement activities

• Assist customers shopping during night hours by providing them with product information

• Accompany customers to required shelves and provide them with the price and expiry information

• Ensure that no damaged or expired items are placed on shelves

• Gather shopping carts and baskets and ensure that they are in good working order

• Report any damages to shelves, carts, or baskets to the supervisor on an immediate basis

Overnight Stocker Job Description: Eligibility Criteria

Overnight stockers need to possess high school diplomas or GEDs to be eligible for this position.

They also need to understand retail processes and own some information on how to deal with customers.

Many companies require that the overnight stockers possess some experience in handling storage services. This is because they often have to deal with deliveries during the night; they must be able to handle delivered items and possess knowledge of storing and picking items.

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