Mail Sorter Skills for Resume

Updated December 4, 2018

A mail sorter’s resume is not much to write home about if it does not host a skills section.

Skills information makes it possible for hiring managers to determine what you are capable of doing.

Typically, a mail sorter’s skills will include the ability to sort mail according to preset standards. In addition, a mail sorter must highlight his knowledge of postal codes and destinations. Also, he or she should focus on how well-acquainted he or she is with the mail sorting system.

Skills statements for a mail sorter position need to be well-structured. If you simply write that you are skilled in mail sorting, you are not telling the recruiter much.

But if you say that you are skilled in mail sorting by implementing knowledge of specific sorting systems, you are saying it the right way.

Specifically, a mail sorter’s skills statements should be full of information on how he or she can contribute to the workplace.

Here is a list that you can look through in order to determine how to write skills statements in a mail sorter resume:

Mail Sorter Skills for Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in receiving as well as sorting mail according to destinations.
• Effectively able to transfer sealed envelopes from insert machines to mail trays.
• Deeply familiar with confirming that mailing addresses and micro numbers visibility.
• Documented success in processing as well as distributing incoming mail.
• Proficient in assisting drivers in order to load and unload mail transport equipment.
• Adept at ensuring that all envelopes are sealed and stamped.
• Well-versed in performing sorting work by using more than one machine at a time.
• Competent in directing items/mails according to established routing schemes.
• Qualified to bundle, label, and route sorted mail while ensuring timeliness.
• Proven ability to operate equipment such as addressographs and mimeographs.
• Solid track record of effectively distributing incoming mail into correct boxes and pigeonholes.
• Particularly talented in searching directories to find correct addresses for redirected or returned mail.
• Skilled in operating as well as maintaining mail sorting and addressing equipment
• Highly experienced in sorting odd-sized mail by hand as well as segregating items requiring special handling.
• Ability to load and unload mail trucks.
• Talented in reviewing outing mail in order to ensure proper postage is applied.
• Exceptionally talented in keeping mail rooms organized and clean at all times.
• Focused on providing high-quality services to customers.
• Particularly effective in inspecting mail for signs of tampering or potential damage.

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