Horse Groomer Resume Sample

Updated: September 30, 2018

A horse groomer is hired in a wide variety of settings, including stud farms, riding school, livery yards, racing yards, and trekking centers.

No matter which setting a horse groomer is hired in, he or she does more or less the same work.

Working as a horse groomer requires not only inherent love for animals, specifically equines but also a certain level of skill in handling them.

The evolution of Horse Groomer resume writing suggests that they now need to be written with more care and extra effort. Here is a sample to help you:

Horse Groomer


Horse Groomer Resume Example


Mike Wright
123 Hale Road, Augusta, ME12033
(000) 999-9999


Animal lover, with a special love for equines, and a solid background of working as a horse groomer over a period of 13 years. Highly skilled in providing assigned horses with dedicated care, aimed at their health and wellbeing. Proven ability to perform care tasks such as bathing, brushing, and grooming horses.


• Grooming & Feeding • Medication Administration • Physical Inspection
• Behavior Monitoring • Stall Cleaning • Training
• Horse Tacking • Emergency Response • Wound Care
• Communication • Vet Assistance • Program Implementation

• Devised a novel exercise program for assigned horses, resulting in immediate consent from them due to the fun nature of the program.
• Saved a horse’s life by administering immediate First Aid, during an accident incident.
• Trained 13 horses for national races, in the event of the actual trainer’s absence.
• Implemented an efficient stall cleaning program, which took 50% less time than the one already in use.


Horse Groomer
Journeyman Bloodstock, Augusta, ME                 2009-Present
• Engage with newly assigned horses to make them comfortable and to determine their personality types.
• Bathe and groom assigned horses to ensure that they remain in a clean and good shape.
• Prepare food for assigned horses, and distribute it to their stalls, in clean utensils.
• Clean stalls and stables by mucking them out, and sanitizing areas that need to be deep-cleaned.
• Exercise horses on a regular basis, following their specific exercise regimes and routines.
• Monitor horses to ensure that they behave well, and identify any behavioral or health issues.
• Administer First Aid in cases of accidents and emergencies, and ensure that unwell horses are given medication on time.
• Assist trainers and vets in handling horses for different purposes, ensuring the wellbeing of the horse, and the people around.

Horse Groomer
Urban Equines, Augusta, ME              2004-2009
• Cleaned and sanitized stables and stalls by following set instructions.
• Change and wash beddings, and ensure that any torn or tattered bedding is replaced.
• Provided horses with the exercise by following the set regime programmed for them.
• Ensured the physical safety and wellbeing of assigned horses by ensuring that their stables and stalls were free from hazards.
• Created and maintained logs of food and water intake, and notified stable hands of any apparent issues.

High School Diploma
Augusta High School, Augusta, ME