Position Overview

Factory workers work in several different types of industries including food and beverage and even furniture. While their exact duties may differ, they perform more or less the same overall functions. The basic work of a factory worker is to operate machines in a safe manner and make sure that it meets all standards enforced by the company.

Since factory workers work with different industries, their job description may vary.


Typically, factory workers need to possess a high school diploma or a GED and the ability to work for long hours stranding, bending or stooping. Since these are basic requirements of working as a factory worker, one needs to be physically strong and dexterous. Possessing specific product knowledge is necessary and the ability to follow instructions is also an absolute must for them.

As factory workers need to work in a team, they need to able to get along with others over long time and work collaboratively. They should be reliable and possess the ability to pay great attention to detail.

Job Description for General Factory Worker Resume

• Set up and operate production machinery according to specific standards and protocols of the company
• Ascertain that each machine is properly calibrated at the beginning of each shift so that it provides optimum output
• Look through work orders to determine type and quantity of materials needed for each production batch
• Measure and grade batches of raw materials and feed them into production machinery
• Assemble goods on conveyor belts and report any faults to the supervisor on an immediate basis
• Monitor processes to ensure that they are run properly and ensure that basic quality control and quality assurance tests are performed
• Store goods and raw materials in factory storage areas and warehouses in manners conducive to ensuring their freshness and safety
• Load and unload products to and from delivery vehicles by ensuring their safety
• Prepare cartons and crates for packaging purposes and ensure that items are properly and safely packed into them
• Drive, operate and maintain proper functioning of property vehicles such as fork lifts and scissor-lift trucks
• Inspect finished products to ensure that they conform to quality standards and isolate any non-conformed or damaged items
• Communicate problems with machinery and raw and end products to the supervisor
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on machineries to ensure that their operational life is extended