Dog Groomer Skills for Resume

Updated: November 1, 2017

There are some things that are considered essential to write in resumes – and then there are some that are even more important. The skills section in a dog groomer resume is considered one of the most important in the document.

When you write a Dog Groomer resume, the skills section should be paid great attention to. This means that the information which you put into the skills section should be complete and in sync with the requirements of the employer.

How does one write the skills section in a resume?

The skills section should almost always be written in bulleted form. A few skills statements to outline your abilities are sufficient to convince a hiring manager to give your resume serious thought.

How are skills statements worded?

There are several ways of doing this – you just have to make sure that the skills statements that you do write are spot on with the requirements of the job. If you write a skill that is not relevant, you risk going off tangent, making the hiring manager feel that you did not research the position well.

And since showing meticulousness in your work is part of your skills, you need to make sure that this end is not left unattended.

Some skills statements that a dog groomer can write in his or her resume skills section is provided below:


Sample Skills for Dog Groomer Resume


• Hands-on experience in keeping dogs restrained and under control, while maintaining their wellbeing and safety.

• Highly experienced in performing nail trims using both traditional clippers and Derma tools.

• Demonstrated expertise in cleaning and flushing ears and expressing anal glands, upon dog owners’ instructions.

• Effectively able to bathing dogs using appropriate shampoos and conditioners.

• Proven ability to apply flea treatments to ensure pest control and assist in delousing procedures.

• Qualified to provide breed-specific grooming sessions, in accordance with the specifications and satisfaction of pet owners.

• Competent in ensuring that the facility is kept clean and maintained at all times, along with making sure that appropriate sanitation practices are followed.

• Familiar with handling and using cleaning products in a safe manner, according to clients’ specifications.

• Exceptionally well-versed in determining hair coat trimming patterns to ensure that the most becoming style is provided.

• Track record of easily and efficiently handle aggressive canine behavior by ensuring implementation of dog handling training methods.

• Proficient in sanitizing all tools, surfaces and equipment used in grooming and cleaning processes according to established standards.