Cover Letter for Bar Worker with No Experience

Updated July 7, 2016

If you were to explain to yourself how well-suited you are for a position, how honest would you be? The answer to this will be a definite absolutely honest. Well, you have to be the same with a prospective employer, who will depend on your honesty to decide whether to hire you or not. Since your best bet at communicating with a prospective employer is through a cover letter, you will need to be clear about your abilities in writing.

Write a letter to yourself first. Talk about how well you can fit into a bar work job. Then tweak the language to meet the specific requirements of professionalism so that the employer takes you seriously. If you have seen a job advertisement that you are now replying to, it means that you already know that you are a perfect fit. But something must have made you decide that you are indeed a good fit. What was it? Think hard. Was it the fact that the job advert asked for a meticulous individual and you categorize yourself as a duteous person? Spot on! Your eligibility is perfect.

And here is how you can make it known that you really are the perfect match, even if your experience is minimal or none at all:


Bar Worker Cover Letter with No Experience


524 6th Street #67
De Pere, WI 10244

July 7, 2016

Mr. Thomas Rodriquez
Hiring Manager
888 River Ride
De Pere, WI 08345


Dear Mr. Rodriquez:

Being a recent high school graduate, I am enthusiastic to work for one of the best restaurants in the city of De Pere – Bowl-A-Way. With some exposure to serving drinks and snacks, managing stocking activities and washing flatware and glassware, I am positive that I am the perfect person to represent the bar at your restaurant as a bar worker.

Recently, I volunteered to fill in for a friend at The Freddy’s Café, where I was responsible for ensuring that goods are properly displayed, stocked and presented according to the café’s rules. During this time, I learnt to operate, clean and maintain equipment such as cash registers, glass washers, optics, free-pours and draught pumps in an efficient manner. As an inherently polite and patient individual, I am positive that you can benefit from my customer service skills, which are always aimed at pleasing an organization’s most precious asset.

If allowed to provide your restaurant with a fresh take on customer and food / beverage service, I will be able to contribute immensely. At the end of next week, I will contact you to decide further steps, including an interview. If required, you can call me at (000) 474–7411.



James Jefferson

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