Position Overview

Although branded as a part time position, the job of a car washer is actually quite serious. While many students opt to wash cars for extra pocket money, many people take this position seriously and work full time as car washers. A car washer may work at a car service station or offer his services for hire in a totally personal capacity. No matter what a car washer’s individual work setting is, working at this position is very hard work.

People who love tough work and are physically agile are usually more successful at holding down a job as a car washer. Of course, one has to have a liking for water as well as many times one has to work with water in freezing temperatures. Car washers need to be extremely thorough when performing their duties; a dollop of dirt under the mudguard that you have forgotten to clean may not be seen very kindly by a car owner. So one has to be methodical and knowledgeable of how cars are supposed to be washed.

Working as a car washer requires you to know how to clean and maintain both the outside and the inside of cars. You will need to make sure that any loose dust on the car is dusted off before you begin and also ensure that all windows are closed.

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Car Washer Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Dust loose dirt and wash cars off with water

• Ensure that car windows and doors are properly secured before dusting and washing

• Adjust water pressure in hoses to ensure that no damage occurs

• Mix soap and water in appropriate quantities

• Use cloth or sponge to soap cars and wash them down

• Ensure that windscreens are not scratched during the soaping procedure

• Hose down cars properly and make sure that no trace of soap is left behind

• Dust the interior of the car and make sure that any trash is disposed-off properly

• Polish interior surfaces and vacuum carpeted area inside the car

• Make sure that the roof of the car is cleaned or wiped according to instructions

• Wax and polish the car from the outside

• Ensure that the car is properly dried from the inside and the outside

• Put back place mats after dusting, washing and drying them

• Drive cars through the car wash area when specifically instructed by car owners

• Ensure that any accessories taken out of the car during the car wash procedure are put back before handing the car to the owner