Building Maintenance Worker Resume Sample 2

Updated on: June 13, 2016


Have you ever heard people say ‘if you cannot do something right, don’t bother doing it at all’? Do you know why they say it? Well, if you cannot do something perfectly, you are actually losing out a lot more than you are gaining. So stop right there! Learn the ropes first. This is especially true when writing a resume as your career may depend on it. Do not bother writing a resume if you do not know how to. Instead, ask around for pointers and do your homework and research and then attempt to write one. This way, you will be able to write one that will be an instant hit.


Building Maintenance Worker Resume Sample


Willie Green

2912 Solana Road SE ● Deming, NM 87987 ● (000) 999-9999 ● @ email . com


SUMMARY: Self-directed, hardworking and enthusiastic individual with extensive exposure to handling commercial and residential building maintenance and repair work. Articulate and thorough with great proficiency in managing a variety of maintenance procedures and techniques.


• Troubleshooting maintenance problems such as structural planning, plumbing and electrical repair
• Preventative maintenance duties including caulking windows and doors
• Carpentry, electrical, painting and mechanical repairs such as installing switches and replacing plugs
• Repair and maintenance functions on complex HVAC systems in large building complexes


• Preventative Maintenance • Safe Chemical Use • Equipment Operations
• Damage Prevention • Emergency Maintenance • Renovation and Remodeling
• Inventory Management • Structural Planning • Carpentry and Plumbing
• Hand/Power Tools • Fabrication • Electrical Support Services

• Restored a building to its original safe status after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake, within 3 months
• Trained a group of new building maintenance workers in handling preventative maintenance on large buildings
• Cleaned an entire 32 floor building with the help of only 15 other workers within a record time of 5 hours
• Reduced the cost of maintenance supplies by 60% by acquiring them in bulk from a trusted supplier

OCEAN COMMUNITY SERVICES, Deming, NM (6/2011 to Present)
Building Maintenance Worker
• Clean building interiors by sweeping and mopping floors
• Ascertain that all corners and nooks are properly cleaned out and dusted
• Dust furniture and fixtures and ensure that they are in good repair
• Assist skilled workers with projects by transporting and securing materials and completing specific tasks with them
• Install system component parts and office equipment including facility components such as lighting, heating and ventilating systems and alarms
• Provide assistance in handling plumbing, security and electrical panels in a safe manner
• Perform preventative maintenance on buildings and equipment to ensure their longevity
• Troubleshoot maintenance problems relating to electrical, structural, plumbing and equipment repair and maintenance
• Handle building maintenance duties such as caulking doors and windows and repairing broken windows
• Perform routine electrical repairs such as changing bulbs and assisting in repairing fixtures
• Replace and repair broken door knobs and locks and wall holes
• Safely mix and use cleaning and sanitizing mixtures to ensure a safe work environment

COCA COLA REFRESHMENTS, Deming, NM (1/2010 to 6/2011)
Maintenance Aide
• Assisted in performing minor electrical and plumbing repair work
• Mixed cleaning agents and used mops and brooms to sweep and disinfect floors
• Provided assistance in performing preventative maintenance on HVAC systems
• Repaired light fixtures and replaced faulty bulbs, door knobs and latches
• Provided support to carpenters in fabricating and installing cabinets and consoles

High School Diploma