Warehouse Selector Job Description for Resume

November 2, 2019
Position Overview

If working in the great expanse of a production warehouse tickles your fancy, you may be looking at a career in order selection.

An order selector or order picker is an individual who follows instructions to find a particular item or range of items within a warehouse and readies it for being shipped to the customer.


Since warehouses are huge places, selectors need to know where each item is located.

As time is of great essence in this job, it is important for order selectors to be knowledgeable of the different ways in which an item can be located.

This may include using voice picking systems or physically searching for exacts shelves and aisle numbers in the company database.

Skills and Abilities

To be a successful warehouse selector, it is important to be organized and alert.


Good listening and communication skills are very important. Since you will be taking several orders in a day, it is very important to be able to differentiate between instructions provided for each order – the ability to multitask is very important.

Selectors do not only look for orders in a warehouse.

They also receive incoming merchandise and pack outgoing items in suitable containers. Some other responsibilities of an order selector include:


Sample Job Description for Warehouse Selector Resume

• Take instructions for picking orders and study them closely.

• Look for requested merchandise in the company database and establish aisle/row and shelf it is placed on.

• Use the order navigation system to determine the location and available quantity of the requested items.

• Physically visit the identified aisle and look for the requested item.

• Match identified item against batcha and item number stated on order form.

• Arrange to have the item picked using a forklift or pick it and transport it to the packaging area.

• Determine the fragility of the item to identify the need for special packing.

• Acquire boxes or cartons for picked items and box them properly.

• Seal boxes or cartons using sealing agents and place appropriate tags (price and batch and item number).

• Cover boxes with a protective covering to ensure they are not damaged.

• Transport packaged items to the delivery pallet and ensure that all correlating documents are available with it.

• Assist in loading and arranging items safely inside the delivery vehicle.

• Arrange for delivered merchandise to be properly inventoried and placed on appropriate shelves.

• Sort delivered items according to type and batch numbers before placing them on shelves.

• Update inventory information and create invoices for sent items and receipts for received items.

• Provide low inventory information to supervise in a bid to acquire merchandise in time for picking and delivery


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