4 Warehouse Material Handler Interview Questions and Answers

Updated April 28, 2021
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The interview for warehouse material handler job is here. But you should be happy, right?

If you aren’t happy at receiving an interview call, there must be something wrong!

And it is probably the fact that you are not prepared to answer questions. Well, it isn’t too late! You can do your research now and be ready in time for the interview.

Interviews teach us a lot of things. The fact that we have to be meticulous in preparing for one, shows us that this stage is indeed critical. And that is because this is the last stage – and the last chance for us to prove that we are worth hiring. If we fail an interview, we still learn a lot from it – like what not to do the next time!

But the primary aim is not to learn a lesson but to obtain a job. So preparation is important.

Since you have been shortlisted to be called in for an interview, it means that you know your work and is just being tested in person, because resumes and cover letters do not give employers a chance to see what a candidate is all about closely.

Make yourself interview-ready by researching as much as possible and also making sure that you do not miss finding out about the company for which you are being interviewed.

On to the questions.

What will you be asked?
How can you answer them?

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a warehouse material handler position that will help you:

Warehouse Material Handler Interview Questions and Answers

1. What has been your experience working as a warehouse material handler?

Ever since the day I started working as a material handler, my entire day has revolved around taking orders for pulling items, ensuring order accuracy, assisting with loading and unloading shipments, and making sure that the warehouse is a safe place to work in.

2. Speaking of safety, how would you react if you saw someone doing something unsafe within the warehouse?

Each person within a warehouse is responsible for ensuring that all duties are handled carefully. If I see someone doing something unsafe, I would not hesitate to point it out and assist him or her in making sure that whatever was being done, is done according to warehouse safety rules.

3. Why is accuracy important in your work as a material handler?

Since each order pulled and dispatched comes with specific instructions – down to the number of items – it is important for us to be able to follow the instructions properly. One item less or more means that we have failed in our work.

4. What is the most challenging part of working as a warehouse material handler?

The physical exertion that one must go through is quite challenging. On very hot or cold days, it becomes difficult to push, lift or cart heavy shipments from one place to another, even with the warehouse temperature in control.

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