Skills Needed for a Warehouse Worker Job

July 23, 2019

There are specific skills that we all need if we are to do a job correctly, especially if we are working in a warehouse setting.

Warehouse workers must be extremely skilled people as they work in an environment that requires much physical and mental ability.


Depending on a warehouse worker’s work assignment, s/he will need to possess knowledge of goods and shipment procedures along with physical deftness to ensure that he can carry out the physical work entrusted to him.

Warehouse workers must be organized as they are required to store goods and retrieve them from time to time.

If goods are not stored properly, it wastes a lot of time to look for them when pulling orders.

They should also be able to stand for long hours and know how to operate pallet jacks and forklifts – two types of equipment that they use on a constant basis during their workday.


At times, warehouse workers may be required to handle computer operations, which is why they must understand technology to some level at least.

Excellent hand-eye coordination and the ability to listen to and follow instructions is also greatly important in this job.

Since warehouse workers sometimes need to work with numbers, they should be able to handle simple calculations effectively.

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Sample Skills List for Warehouse Worker Resume

• Able to read and interpret instructions on pick lists and shipments with a view to pull and ship orders accurately

• Keen knowledge of schematic drawings and maps of warehouses to find goods listed on order forms

• Physical agility aimed at carrying and moving heavy boxes between destinations

• Functional knowledge of operating pallet jacks and forklifts to assist in moving goods from storage areas to shipment pallets

• Able to handle circumstances brought on by damage or untoward occurrences

• Good attention to detail targeted at handling labeling and packing duties effectively

• Exceptional planning and time management skills aimed at ensuring proper storage of received shipments so that they can be pulled in a time-efficient manner

• Comprehensive knowledge of following and endorsing warehouse safety protocols to ensure both goods and workers’ protection

• Thorough understanding of implementing and maintaining the security of the warehouse in terms of goods, appliances, and equipment

• Technologically savvy with a great ability to maintain electronic records and create numeric reports pertaining to incoming and outgoing shipments

• Comprehensive understanding of goods retrieval systems and their limitations and ways to overcome the limitation to ensure timely retrieval

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