23 Qualifications and Skills for Warehouse Worker Resume

Updated on: August 27, 2020

There are specific skills that we all need if we are to do a job correctly, especially if we are working in a warehouse setting. Warehouse workers must be extremely skilled people as they work in an environment that requires much physical and mental ability.

In order to write a good warehouse worker resume, you should demonstrate your qualifications and skills in a way that persuades the employer to call you for an interview.

The following is a list of 23 most desired skills and qualifications for a warehouse worker. Feel free to use 5-6 of these statements either in skills or qualifications section of your warehouse worker resume.

Warehouse Worker Qualifications and Skills for Resume

  1. Well-versed with methods and practices of receiving and storing materials and supplies
  2. Complete know-how of shipping methods and practices to deliver products from the warehouse to the customer
  3. Demonstrated ability to select accurate orders and give them to the shipping pallet in a safe manner
  4. Proficient in warehouse inventory procedures and record-keeping methods
  5. Capable of determining and executing proper storage methods and stock locations based primarily on shelf life and availability of space
  6. Able to read warehouse layout charts and interpret time-efficient ways of handling deliveries and storage
  7. Able to use power equipment such as forklifts, carts, standup lifts, and pallet jacks
  8. Keen quality assurance acumen aimed at ensuring that each pulled order is up to quality standards
  9. In-depth knowledge of using warehouse scanning equipment for both inventory control and order processing purposes
  10. Knowledge of safety protocols and best warehouse practices along with the ability to enforce them
  11. Physical dexterity aimed at lifting and moving heavy objects and equipment
  12. Understanding of body mechanics to performing physical work such as climbing, lifting, balancing and stopping without imminent injuries
  13. Exceptional talent for handling necessary and complex mathematical computations for checking, counting, and tracking materials
  14. Able to read and interpret instructions on pick lists and shipments with a view to pull and ship orders accurately
  15. Keen knowledge of schematic drawings and maps of warehouses to find goods listed on order forms
  16. Able to handle circumstances brought on by damage or untoward occurrences
  17. Good attention to detail targeted at handling labeling and packing duties effectively
  18. Exceptional planning and time management skills aimed at ensuring proper storage of received shipments so that they can be pulled in a time-efficient manner
  19. Recognized for following and endorsing warehouse safety protocols to ensure both goods and workers’ protection
  20. Special talent for implementing and maintaining the security of the warehouse
  21. Technologically savvy with a great ability to maintain electronic records and create numeric reports pertaining to incoming and outgoing shipments
  22. Thorough understanding of goods retrieval systems and their limitations and ways to overcome the limitation to ensure timely retrieval
  23. Excellent hand-eye coordination and the ability to listen to and follow instructions

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