Order Selector Job Description for Resume

Updated: July 27, 2019

Position Overview

Popular working places for order selectors are warehouses and stock rooms where they are responsible for the handling of incoming orders.

When a customer places an order, a chain of command commences, at the end of which is an order selector.

An order selector is responsible for picking the correct item (as specified on the order slip) and ensuring that it is packed and dispatched timely.

But an order selector’s work does not end at simply picking and packing an order.

They need to maintain knowledge of where different types of items are stored and ensure that the entire storage area is kept hazard-free.

Since order selectors are at the end of this chain of command, it is up to them to ensure the quality of the product that they choose – the first quality control check is performed at this stage.

Skills & Abilities

Order selectors (or order pickers as they are popularly known as) need to be physically dexterous.

Depending on the type of organization that they work for, they are often asked to pick and move heavy boxes. Needless to say, physical agility is a prerequisite to this position.

Education Requirements

To work as an order selector, you need not possess more than a high school diploma.

However, computer literacy can do wonders for your chances of obtaining a job at this position, since order selectors need to handle product inventories.

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Sample Job Description for Order Selector Resume

• Receive instructions from the front end and maintain an understanding of the type of orders that need to be selected.

• Look through the inventory system to determine the availability of order in terms of color, type, and size.

• Provide front end personnel with information on availability and suggest alternatives in cases of unavailability.

• Take orders for order picking and determine which part of the stock room or warehouse the items are placed.

• Look for products in designated storage places and pull them when identified.

• Use a variety of equipment such and forklifts and pallet jacks to select and transfer items from storage areas to delivery areas.

• Identify any problems with pulled items and report them to the shift manager immediately.

• Perform quality control procedures to ensure that the quality and quantity of pulled items are correct.

• Pack pulled items in appropriate boxes/crates and ensure that they are secured properly.

• Label packed boxes appropriately and ensure that they are loaded onto forklifts with care.

• Deliver packed items to the delivery pallet and assist in loading them onto delivery trucks.

• Clean and maintain stock rooms or warehouses on a regular basis.

• Liaise with procurement officers to order out of stock or low running items.

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