Loader / Unloader Skills for Resume

June 6, 2018

The most important part of the resume is the skills section. Sadly, it is also the part that is most neglected.

When you write a resume for loader/unloader position, do not even think of leaving out the skills section, as it is this section which provides the hiring manager with great detail on what you are capable of doing at the workplace.

Writing a skills section may seem difficult to some people, as there is a lot that needs to go into it. Preparing skills statements is no easy job. You have to think before you can deem a statement complete and accurate.

Remember that there is a vast difference between writing a skills statement, and writing a job duty, both of which are often used interchangeably. Your job duty is something that you do. Skill is how you perform a function. Make sure that this difference is kept in mind when writing a skills statement.

What exactly do skills statements contain? Sugar and spice, and everything excellent about you as a professional. At the time that you are preparing a skills statement, make sure that you know yourself thoroughly. Make a list of capabilities that you possess individually, and ensure that they relate to the job for which you will be applying. Some examples of skills statements are provided below for your reference:

Sample Skills for Loader / Unloader Resume

• Highly talented in verifying loads to determine their destinations, and carefully picking and transporting them.

• Effectively able to assess information on work orders, aimed at deciphering where each load goes.

• Well-versed in assisting warehouse workers in locating and identifying required items, and ensuring that the information on them is correct.

• Demonstrated expertise in ensuring that the right load is transported to the proper delivery vehicle, by verifying batch and order numbers.

• Proficient in using forklifts and pallet jacks to pick up items such as cartons and crates, for loading and unloading purposes.

• Adept at placing loads inside awaiting delivery vehicles, ensuring that they are correctly and safely stacked.

• Deep familiarity with securing stacks of items in a safe manner, ensuring that they are belted in, or appropriately harnessed.

• Competent in unloading shipments from delivery trucks to checking areas, after confirming information on provided work orders.

• Exceptionally well-versed in ascertaining that all paperwork is present with each incoming and outgoing shipment.

• Proven ability to maintain proper housekeeping standards in assigned work areas, and ensure that safety is kept a priority.

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