Working solely in a manufacturing environment, warehouse workers handle incoming and outgoing shipments by processing and loading orders. They pull products from the storage areas in accordance to the orders provided to them and are also responsible for processing supply orders. Warehouse workers are usually required to possess no more than a high school diploma to qualify for this position but they do need to be physically dexterous as there is a lot of lifting and manual handling involved in this work.

Warehouse Worker Job Description

As an imperative part of a distribution facility, warehouse workers load and unload items from delivery trucks and are also involved in some quality control activities. The position of warehouse workers is significant to the company that they work for as it is important to ensure that all products reach their destinations in a time-efficient manner. Managers depend highly on the work of warehouse workers which is why only the very responsible are hired to perform this job.

In order to understand what is expected of a person working at the position of a warehouse worker, have a look at the list of duties that are particular to this position. Use these statements to build a powerful resume.

Sample Duties for Warehouse Worker Resume


• Load and unload merchandise on trucks
• Handle incoming and outgoing shipments
• Check in merchandise and match purchase orders with delivery
• Distribute orders to sales associates in order to assist with the processing procedure
• Look over customers’ orders and requisitions and figure out which items need to be moved to designated areas
• Ensure the movement of items to appropriate designated storage places and sort and place them on racks and shelves
• File requisitions and ensure appropriate sticking of items such as warehouse tools and equipment
• Ensure the safety of the warehouse for both customers and sales associates
• Make sure that all outgoing shipments are labeled properly
• Record items shipped out and shipped in properly
• Assist in handling inventory and weigh and count items to ensure quality and quantity control
• Fulfill facility maintenance requirements by mopping, dusting and sweeping
• Create shipment reports and paperwork and ensure that all information is updated properly
• Handle delivery vehicle maintenance tasks
• Operate forklift to handle product movement activities
• Handle and operate box cutters and tape dispensers
• Prepare mailing lists and complete requisition forms
• Ensure that the entire warehouse staff follows safety rules and practices
• Ensure that received items correspond to the information on the work orders