Waitresses are usually the first point of contact in a hospitality environment. They may work in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and the like. They are responsible for providing a number of customer service activities.

Waitresses greet customers, seat them and provide them with menus. They also take orders from customers and relay them to the kitchen. Once an order is ready, it is the waitress’s job to ensure the accuracy of the order and also the quantity. Waitresses are also expected to refill orders, clean tables and also address any complaints that the customers may have.

Additionally, they explain to customers of daily specials and prepare checks for them. At the end of a meal, waitresses are required to remove dishes and take them to the kitchen for cleaning and washing.

Waitressing jobs are very attractive to young students who want summer jobs or supplement their income. This is a good way of earning extra cash as the tips that come in can be quite substantial. When applying for a job as a waitress you will need to ensure that you have all your documents in order – your resume and cover letter will play a key role in assisting you in applying for this position.

How to Apply for a Waitressing Job?

Waitress jobs are a dime a dozen so make sure that you look in every place possible – newspapers, online advertisements and of course on restaurant windows. Once you have identified some possibilities, send in customized resume and cover letter to each job.

At the interview, you will need to look professional – light makeup and hair pulled back neatly. Wear sensible clothes – no gaping necklines or mini skirts!

During interview, you will be asked a lot of questions particularly why you want to work as a waitress. Tell your employer that you like working with people and want to know how the hospitality world works. Point out the better aspects of your personality; ability to work on your feet for long time periods, excellence in customer services, ability to smile in adverse circumstances and some knowledge of the restaurant business will make the employers happy.