Letting the employer chase you should be your mantra when writing a cover letter. While it is usually the other way around, it is important to present yourself as someone without whom a company cannot function – at least not as well as it will with you being part of it! But sounding too eager in a cover letter may just kill this purpose. So how does one sound enthusiastic about an opportunity, without sounding like an eager beaver?

This being said, the idea is to let the world chase you. But you have to have something in you for which you want to be chased! Courage to write a cover letter that says I am the best so you need me is the first thing to do. When you can articulately spell this out for the hiring manager, you can win his heart. Using an action close to end your cover letter may not work in this case. Let us see how we can write an intriguing cover letter without using an action close.


Vet Tech Cover Letter Sample


Megan Sharpe
652 8th Street
Oakes, ND 47144
(000) 125-8545
Megan @ email .com

July 5, 2016

Ms. Jean Kelly
Hiring Manager
Banfield Pet Hospital
6032 82nd Street SE
Oakes, ND 58496


Dear Ms. Kelly:

I am proud of a track record that tops with veterinary doctors, coworkers and pet owners that I have worked with. My former employer illustrates “Hand a pet to Megan, and you won’t have to worry about anything.”

Working with pets ranging from felines to fish, I have cut a niche for myself as a veterinary technician who has the Mowgli touch. Performing preliminary examinations, administering appropriate medication and monitoring pets for signs of discomfort or distress is second nature to me. During the 7 years that I have worked at the General Pet Hospital in Rocklake, I have been commended for my contribution to developing a system that monitors pets for diseases such as Canine Lupus and depression that hits pet animals quite frequently, and can be fatal for them. This contribution led to a 49% decrease in pet deaths within the city, recorded between 2011 and 2015.

As a trained veterinary technician who has a strong background in charting medical data to assist veterinary doctors in providing focused care to pets, I am the perfect choice to work at Banfield Pet Hospital. If you feel that you need to contact me for further information regarding my suitability, please call at (000) 125-8545.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Megan Sharpe

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