Professional Summary for Vet Tech Resume

Updated: March 4, 2018


Professional summaries are optional resume sections, but if you opt to use them, you can gain a lot out of them.

When we say professional summary, we mean the summary of qualifications for your job objective.

The resume is a marketing piece for a potential position, so you need to market yourself through the professional summary – primarily anyway.

In your professional summary for vet tech resume, there is a lot of information that you can write such as your experience, credentials, expertise, personal values, and background – basically anything that will make you seem like an eligible individual for an open position.

Vet Tech professional summaries serve as roadmaps for the rest of your resume, so make sure that the rest of the resume supports the summary. The length of a professional summary should never be more than 4 sentences, even though many people do go beyond writing just one short paragraph.

Brainstorming for good summary statements is imperative. Ask yourself how much experience you have in the particular field, and what is it in your personality that makes you such an excellent choice for the position. When you have answers to these, you can begin writing your professional summary. Here are some examples:


Vet Tech Professional Summaries for Resume


• Results-oriented and energetic Veterinary Technician with 6+ years’ verifiable track record of observing pets for behavioral problems or physical ailments and providing them with tier one medical support. Highly experienced in preparing animals for surgeries and procedures and providing nursing care according to set veterinary procedures.

• Dependable Vet Tech with eight years of hands-on experience in assisting veterinarians during examinations and surgeries. Exceptionally well-versed in phlebotomy and intravenous catheter placement, along with conducting routine procedures such as dental cleanings and immunizations.

• Experienced Vet Tech with deep insight into effectively checking incoming patients to determine signs of disease or discomfort. Known for monitoring animal comfort by ensuring that they are handled with care and love.

• Highly motivated and compassionate Vet Tech with extensive exposure in restraining animals and ensuring their well-being and comfort during examination procedures. Exceptional ability educate pet owners on primary and secondary pet care procedures.

• Confident Veterinary Technician with wide exposure to working in a veterinarian office by handling both patient care and administrative work. Highly skilled in receiving patients, performing preliminary examinations and ensuring that appropriate pet care education is provided to owners.

• Highly experienced Vet Tech with over 11 years of exposure in assisting veterinarian doctors through the day to day functions of handling a veterinary practice. Exceptionally well-versed in communicating with clients about unique pet health concerns and offering guidance on optimum healthcare plans.