Valet Parking Job Description for Resume

Updated on: January 29, 2016

With the parking crises becoming more and more intense as traffic increases, the need for valet parking attendants is also increasing. Valet parking attendants work in many settings including hotels, restaurants and hospitals. For large scale events, they are even hired to handle the parking needs of guests at parties and weddings.

The basic qualification that one needs to work as a valet parking attendant is a current driver’s license. One has to possess a high school diploma at the very least and be completely customer-oriented. The purpose of hiring a valet is to ensure that guests’ or clients’ automobiles are safely and efficiently moved to designated parking areas, so that the entrance remains clear for more guests or customers. The job is simple but does require a certain amount of skill in driving and maneuvering different types of vehicles around. So much as a scratch on a vehicle and you may be looking at some disciplinary action!

Working as a valet parking attendant means that you will be on your toes constantly. You have to be physically strong and possess the ability to work in extreme weather conditions such as rain, heat and cold. If you have all this in you, you may look at the following list of duties for a valet position so that you can write a truly awesome resume:

Sample Job Description for Valet Parking Resume

• Greet guests as they arrive in their automobiles and open doors for them so that they can disembark
• Inquire from guests if they would like their cars parked or if they will handle the parking themselves
• Take car keys from guests, tag them with predefined numbers and ensure that a tag is issued to them
• Ask guests if there is any specific information that they need to provide regarding car alarms or behavior
• Drive both manual and auto transmission cars carefully and efficiently to parking lots
• Ascertain that cars are properly parked, making sure that sufficient space is left between automobiles
• Lock parked cars and recheck locks to ensure their security and hand car keys to the supervisor or hand them up in their designated areas
• Obtain tags from guests and locate their vehicles in the parking lot
• Drive cars back to the pick up or entrance area and hand them over after verifying identity of owner
• Call for cabs or tow trucks for guests who have arrived without a vehicle
• Assist in jump-starting vehicles that may have broken down while in the vicinity of the facility