Valet Parking Attendant Job Description

Updated on: November 3, 2015

Valet parking is such a convenience. You hand over your vehicle to a trusted individual and you don’t have to ride along the block for hours to find parking space. Valet parking is a concept that is being given a lot of importance due to the convenience that it provides. Valet parking attendants are god-sent!

So what does a valet parking attendant actually do? While you may not find valet parking attendants everywhere, most hotels and event complexes and other such facilities do provide valet services. These people greet you as you drive in and ask if you would like your car to be safely parked. If the answer is yes, you graciously open the car door and take charge of the car.

Many companies hire the services of professional valet parking attendants to help them with their parking issues. Valet parking attendants need to be especially courteous as they are in constant contact with customers. But their foremost skills need to be in safely driving automobiles of different types. As a valet parking attendant, you need to know how to drive both manual and auto shift cars. You also need to be able to maneuver vehicles in small spaces and ensure that they do not get damaged.

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Valet Parking Attendant Job Description

• Greet customers in a pleasant manner and inquire into their car parking needs
• Provide customers with information on valet parking fees or hold placards possessing this information
• Provide customers with a receipt in exchange of handed-over keys
• Drive customers’ vehicles to designated parking locations in a safe manner
• Ascertain that vehicles are properly parked in designated lots and locked before being left alone
• Use hand signals, batons and lights to direct customers’ vehicles in available parking spots
• Escort customers to their vehicles if they forget which area they parked in
• Take receipt tags from customers, locate their cars and drive them to the waiting areas
• Ascertain that keys and remotes are returned as soon as the car is handed over
• Assist customers in jump starting vehicles that may have died and call for cabs or tow trucks when requested
• Provide support in changing tires and replacing batteries of cars that have malfunctioned in the parking lot
• Ascertain the cleanliness and maintenance of parking lots to ensure both customer and vehicle safety
• Position or remove barricades to prevent parking in spots reserved for senior citizens or the disabled