If you are looking to apply for a job as a valet in a restaurant, a hotel or a parking company, the following cover letter may come in handy. Remember that a cover letter for a valet resume is an essential part of your application, yet, you cannot write too much in it because it might diminish the credibility of your application. Be Specific!

The following cover letter for valet parking attendant position will give you a good start in your job application process.


Valet Cover Letter Sample


21 Example 1 EA Street
New York, NY 02311

December 23, 2013

Mr. Bob Jones
Serena Hotels
2 Quaker Ave
New York, NY 02355


Dear Mr. Jones:

I have been referred to you by Sally Carerra who works for the marketing department at Serena Hotels. I understand that you are looking to hire a valet in immediate basis and enclosing my resume as a job application for your consideration. My skills and experience is a perfect match for what you are seeking in a valet.

I possess a valid driver’s license which is one the foremost pre-requisites for the job of a valet. Moreover, I have a proven ability to understand and undertake parking guests’ vehicles in specified areas without damaging the vehicles or the premises. Specifically, I am well versed in providing travel directions to guests, issuing parking tokens, greeting them when they arrive or depart along with evaluating present staff and hiring new staff. Besides regular valet parking duties, I am able to handle customers with courtesy and able to resolve any unforeseen issues.

I am quite motivated at the prospect of putting up my skills and experience to work for Serena Hotels and looking forward to meeting with you in order to discuss this valet position further. I am available any time at (321) 888-8888.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



David Johnson

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