Personal Trainer Skills for Resume

Updated: June 8, 2016

There is no secret formula to winning the hearts and minds of employers. But there are a few things that you can do to ensure a smooth entry into their favor. Unique combination of job-related skills on a resume is one such way. Making prospective employers salivate with excitement when they see your resume should be your ultimate resume writing goal.

While the education, achievements and experience sections on your resume are extremely important, they do need to be substantiated. Add a skills section and you can guarantee yourself a piece of the employment cake. When you are skilled in a certain area that a prospective employer will benefit from, you should make it obvious to him. And what better way to do this than putting it on a resume?

A dedicated skills section on a personal trainer resume works wonderfully. All your job-related skills under one section can ensure your success. So whether you want to talk about your analytic and research skills or interpersonal abilities, you need to put them all under the skills section. But do not put in obvious ones that all employers expect you to have, such as speaking and listening skills. That will be just wasting your time and the employer’s.

Some job-related skills for a personal trainer are provided in the list below:

Sample Skills for Personal Trainer Resume

• Deep insight into conducting service appointments with members including body fat analysis and nutritional counseling
• Solid track record of developing and implementing individually designed exercise programs for members, based on their personal fitness goals
• Demonstrated expertise in providing advice to members targeted at meeting their fitness aims
• Proficient in continually monitoring members to ensure that they use proper form when exercising
• Adept at generating, maintaining and demonstrating a friendly, enthusiastic and positive environment for members
• Effectively able to teach and train members in the use of equipment by providing them with demonstrations and education on safety
• Competent at devising alternative exercise programs for members requiring changes in routines
• Skilled in setting realistic short-term and long-term goals for each individual member and helping them achieve them efficiently
• Highly experienced in providing advice on health, nutrition and lifestyle changes to assist members in reaching their fitness goals
• Unmatched ability to execute fitness assessment testing based on various components of exercise program designs
• Competent at implementing facility rules for decorum and safety with special emphasis on following written policies
• Highly skilled in maintaining a positive team environment within the club by encouraging members to take part in group activities