Dog Trainer Resume Sample 2

Updated on: January 23, 2016


Lots of dog trainer resume samples and templates on internet often confuse job seekers where to start. A dozen of sites will have great advice on resume building. But every piece of advice might negate or different from the other – it will leave you in doldrums.

What does a job seeker do in this situation?

See the following sample resume for dog trainer position which will guide you how to build a perfect resume.


Dog Trainer Resume Sample


Frank Logan

8920 Hallmark Drive ● Warwick, RI 25212 ● (000) 417-5452 ● franlog @ email . com


An animal lover from the core with exceptional skills in training dogs for service and guard.


• 5 years’ experience in conducting dog training programs to develop and maintain desired behaviors
• Competent at evaluating dogs to determine their temperament and aptitude for training.
• Deep insight into observing dogs’ physical conditions to determine health issues and chronic conditions
• Effectively able to advise owners / clients on features and signs to look for when adopting or purchasing dogs
• Exceptionally well-versed in training service dogs by imparting rigorous drills to ensure that they are trained within given timeframes


– Training Programs Creation – Evaluation / Assessment – Competition Preparation
– Animal Nutrition – Reward Systems – Positive Reinforcement
– Veterinary Support – Commands Development – Owner Training
– Verbal Cues – Clicker Training – Bridge Techniques


Dog Trainer
GOLDEN SERVICES, Warwick, RI (5/2013 to Present)

• Meet dog owners to determine their pets’ training needs
• Assess dogs to determine their temperaments and decide on plans of action
• Create and implement core training programs aimed at meeting the individual needs of each dog
• Coach, encourage and motivate dogs and pet owners during training sessions
• Deliver formal presentations to educate pet owners on different ways of handling their dogs
• Train dogs to be productive in disability assistance, guarding and guiding by ensuring that they follow specific instructions
• Cue animals during performances and train and rehearse performances with them
• Observe dogs’ physical and emotional conditions and ensure that they are provided with support at both ends
• Advise pet owners regarding purchase or adoption of dogs and other animals

Results and Accomplishments
• Trained a sniffer dog, Mandy, who was solely responsible for finding critical evidence in the Andy Jones case
• Deployed 13 trained disability support dogs to a newly operational home for the elderly and disabled

Assistant Dog Trainer
CANINE COMPANY, Warwick, RI (1/2012 to 5/2013)

• Assisted in evaluating dogs to determine their temperaments and training needs
• Provide assistance in handling training sessions aimed at the individual trained needs of each dog within the facility
• Restrain dogs during training sessions or if they get rattled and out of hand
• Create logs for each training session and log progress information accurately
• Maintain information of dogs and their owners and any important correlating data such as diseases or behavioral issues

Results and Accomplishments
• Created and implemented a comprehensive, all-inclusive nutrition plan for individual dogs in the facility, based on their specific needs
• Introduced the “reward system” which aided in reducing dog training time by 32%

High School Diploma | WARWICK HIGH SCHOOL, Warwick, RI (2009)