Top 10 Resume Objectives

Updated on: February 6, 2014

“I’m looking for a fixer-upper with a rock-hard foundation. Am eager to break up walls, construct bridges, and light fires. I have enormous experience, piles of energy, a bit of that “vision thing” and I’m not fearful to start from the very beginning.”

This is an extract from the resume of Steve Job (co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc.)

As you can notice the objective is not a conventional one, it is highly unique, bold, appealing and would definitely attract the employer!

There are no specific rules for making a perfect objective. The success of an objective is dependent on what the employer is looking for. So, always begin with finding out more about the employer. Try to measure what exactly the recruiter is seeking in a successful candidate.

Top 10 Resume Objectives

Find out about the employing organization’s current needs and issues, then craft your objective accordingly, make it 100% employer focused. Following are examples of top 10 objectives to make an effective resume:

1. To pursue a position in the executive management role at xyz company. Eager to demonstrate matchless coordination skills, financial analysis acumen and expertise in sales promotion.

2. A tech savvy and experienced blogger looking for a position in the field where skills in topic search, keyword management and wordpress can be utilized to create high quality and winning websites.

3. Looking for a mechanic apprentice position. Willing to learn, grow and work under strict deadlines with the ability to inspect, repair and replace faulty parts of any diesel engine vehicle.

4. To work as a computer operator for ABC Company. Bringing expertise in hardware and software installation and maintenance coupled with an intention to bring betterment in the overall operations of company.

5. A highly dedicated and self driven Montessori Director seeking work at Houston City School. Offering advance skills in Montessori training coupled with a passion to mould young minds and make them a valuable member of society.

6. Seeking a health care aide position to utilize extensive health care acumen in favor of Aspen Healthcare. Fully equipped with the modern healthcare and safety techniques. Having aim to bring a positive change in the overall life of residents.

7. A highly skilled hospitality manager seeking work at Marriott New York. Offering excellent coordination and management skills in order to enhance guest satisfaction.

8. An innovative and self driven professional seeking the position of retail manger with an organization that is ready to get benefit of extremely high sales via utilization of acquired retail skills including effective marketing tactics and market competency analysis.

9. A highly motivated and passionate fresh graduate, looking for work as a call centre agent wherein skills in public dealing and telesales expertise can come in handy for the promotion and projection of the hiring organization.

10. Detail oriented and self driven special education specialist, seeking work at ABC Company in capacity of special education advisor. Solid aim of changing the lives of special needs students.