Top 10 Degrees in Demand in 2019-2020

Updated June 22, 2019

The way things are moving, we need to be prepared for our future in terms of the education we pursue now.

Competition is extremely tough, and many industries are experiencing immense growth which we should be able to take advantage of.


Many of us argue that jobs are scarce due to the global recession the world is experiencing.

While this is true, not every industry is deteriorating, which means there is still hope.

What we have to do is analyze what will be an excellent arena for us to work in once we have acquired a degree.

So what degrees should we strive for in the years of 2019 and 2020 if we want our careers to take off during the next few years?



Let us take a look at the top 10 (in no particular order) degrees that are in demand in the 2019 and 2020.

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Top 10 Degrees in Demand in 2019 and 2020


1. Sales and Marketing

A bachelor’s degree in advertising, business administration, or marketing will take you a long way in your career.

Forecasted job growth for both these degrees is high with the annual median salary for the former being $98,720 and the latter $90,970.


2. Information Technology

If you have acquired a college degree in computer sciences or software engineering, you may be able to take advantage of the very high forecasted job growth that this industry is expected to offer.


3. Engineering

A college degree in mechanical engineering can bring you earning an annual median salary of $69,850 in the coming years.

If you hold a chemical engineering degree, you may end up earning $78,860 per annum.


4. Education

Educationalists are always in demand in the USA and all over the world.

If you can obtain a college degree in education (and have also attained the necessary certification), you may get an entry-level median salary of $35,750 with fantastic growth prospects in the future.


5. Healthcare

Since this is a vast industry, you may earn between $28,000 and 250,000 depending on what degree you have obtained.

The profession of nurses and nursing assistants is recession proof.

A master’s, MD, and Ph.D. degrees are high in demand in the healthcare industry.


6. International Relations

A college degree in international relations can open up many doors for you on a global level.

Since the world is extremely dynamic at this point, people who possess degrees in this area will be in demand over the next few years.


7. Business Administration

If you hold or are studying for a master’s degree in business administration, you have a high chance of being part of the business world.

A degree in business is always beneficial no matter which industry you end up working for.


8. Psychology

A master’s degree in psychology can eventually make you very successful, especially in this world of high stress.

Psychologists earn a lot because many people come to them for counseling – and not necessarily if they have psychological issues.


9. Preschool Education

Montessori trained teachers are quite popular nowadays.

Since many people place much stress on preschool education, preschool teachers are a lot in demand.

College degrees in education, along with preschool certification, can go a long way in helping you attain the job of your dreams.


10. Culture and Civilization Studies

We are always struggling to find what civilizations and ethnic groups who lived before our time did and how they lived.

A college degree in anthropology can go a long way in helping you obtain some exciting jobs in this arena.

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